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How Do I Cancel My Account?

The Nitrogen Team -

While we are sorry to see you go, we understand that Nitrogen may not be right for everyone.

In order to cancel your account please follow the steps below:

  • Select the “Submit Request” button on the top right corner of the Help Center
  • In the subject line type “Cancel My Account”
  • In the body of the request please include the following
    1. Your Name (First & Last)
    2. Your Business Account Name
    3. The Email Address You Used to Signup for Nitrogen
    4. Reason for Leaving

Once the cancellation has been processed you will no longer have access to your account or the records associated with your account. This process can’t be undone so please be sure that you would like to cancel your account before making the request.

We are always sorry to see a valued customer leave us. We hope to see you again on your journey!



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