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Advanced Styling Specs

The Nitrogen Team -

The Nitrogen platform allows you to seamlessly integrate our booking engine into your website. Our powerful reservation platform is designed using the industry standard Twitter Bootstrap framework, which means there is a good chance your existing stylesheets will work well with our code.


  • To complete the integration, you or your webmaster will need to have a firm understanding of HTML and CSS. A familiarity with the Twitter Bootstrap framework is helpful as well.
  • All external stylesheets, javascript and image links must be served via https, therefore, your server must be https enabled.
  • The server must have a file sharing policy that permits the assets to be loaded from booking.nitrogen.life.


  • Paste your site's header and footer code into the Header HTML and Footer HTML text areas. You may load css and javascript in your header and footer HTML with script and style embed tags.
  • Save your site's CSS to a text file with a .css extension.
    • All Nitrogen functionality is wrapped in a div with the class, "zepp-content-wrapper". You may use this class in your css rules to help you target specific booking engine components.
  • Upload your CSS file using the file upload input.
  • Once you've submitted the form, you may click the booking engine link up above to preview your styling changes.
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