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Reservation Request vs Booking Confirmation

The Nitrogen Team -

There are two ways that reservations are generated within the Nitrogen System.

  • Reservation Request
  • Booking Confirmation

The default setting within Nitrogen is “Reservation Request.” To change your account to a “Booking Confirmation” account you simply need to set up your Stripe account. For more information on setting up your Stripe account click HERE.


Reservation Request

A Reservation Request means that the guest is not required to input a credit card to make a reservation and the reservation is only requested until the business confirms the reservation within the Nitrogen application. To learn more about how to confirm reservations within the Nitrogen System click HERE.

The information that a guest receives from a Reservation Request will alert them that they have only requested a reservation and that the business in question will follow up with them to confirm their reservation.

Although the business will need to follow up with the guest to confirm the reservation the inventory item(s) will be temporally taken out of availability in order to not cause over booking. If for some reason you do not wish to confirm the guest’s reservation, simply cancel the reservation within the Nitrogen application and the inventory item(s) will be returned to available inventory. For more information about how to cancel a reservation click HERE.

Additionally, you will not be able to process payments within the Nitrogen application until a Stripe account is setup.


Booking Confirmation

Once you have set up your Stripe account, your Nitrogen account will default to a Booking Confirmation process.

This means your guests will be required to input a credit card for the requested reservation and payments will be processed automatically.

Guests will receive a Booking Confirmation email for each reservation and all buttons on the Booking Engine will now read “Confirm Booking” not “Request Reservation.”

Reservations can still be cancelled at any time and refunds can easily be processed from your Stripe account. For more information on refunding payments in Stripe click HERE.

At any point you can enable or disable your Stripe account to transform your Nitrogen System from a Reservation Request to a Booking Confirmation system. For more information on Disabling your Stripe Account click HERE

The Nitrogen Team recommends setting up a Stripe account and having a Booking Confirmation system for ease of use for both your business and for your customers.



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