• How do I create a trade?

    1) Go to "Funding book" page and select the "Pick order from the market" tab


    2) Select side: "Lend" or "Borrow" and use filters to find the order with desired parameters for your trade

    3) Choose an order from the list and click "Lend" or "Borrow" button on the right side

    4) Just like with order placement you will need to sign three distinct transactions: trade creation in the blockchain, approval of ERC20 asset transfer and asset settlement.

  • What can I do with my trade?

    If you are a borrower you will have options to submit additional collateral or make a repayment of the loan principal and interest. If you are a lender you will have an option to call a default on a transaction if no auto-default flag was selected and the borrower missed the loan repayment. Both borrowers and lenders also have an ability to submit orders with the same parameters as their current trade.

  • How do I monitor my trades?

    You can view all of your transactions and their respective states at the "My transactions" page under the trades tab.

  • What is a closeout?

    There are several ways your trade may be closed out:

    In most cases closeout occurs naturally at the maturity of the transaction. Borrower pays out the interest and the loan, and receives back the full collateral bar the applicable fees.

    Smart Contract may close out your transaction automatically should the market value of the collateral fall significantly and become insufficient to cover the loan. Your collateral will be transferred to the counterparty to cover the loan amount and you will receive any excess collateral after the deduction of loan amount and any applicable fees.

    If you are a borrower, your transaction may be closed out automatically should you default on your obligations (e.g. do not pay out the loan in time). In this case your collateral will be transferred to lender to cover the loan and the applicable interest and fees and you will receive any excess amount left.

  • How do I avoid forced closeout?

    If you are a borrower, you should monitor your transactions closely to make sure that the current haircut on your collateral never falls below the critical haircut value. We have a system of checks and balances in place to help you avoid trade termination called maintenance haircut (analogous to maintenance margin in classical margin financing). This means that whenever the value of your collateral falls below maintenance haircut value the platform will notify you and may ask the counterparty to provide additional collateral to raise the current haircut value above the initial haircut.

  • Can I cancel my trade?

    You may cancel your order if you want, which will cost you some gas since you will need to submit cancel transaction to the blockchain. You may not however cancel the trade due to the nature of digital currency protocols: transactions cannot be cancelled or altered after they have been initiated.